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Premium Coffee Solutions

Mission of our company:

To offer our partners and consumers unique premium products that can bring joy, harmony, inspiration into people’s lives, thereby making this world a little better.


Fully automatic NIVONA coffee machines are technically unsurpassed and will help you discover and satisfy your love for coffee in a new way.
Compact professional coffee machines with new generation technology, manufactured in Germany.
Coffee machines KAFFIT COM are a breath of fresh air in the field of coffee machines, which has allowed reaching a new technological level and high quality at an affordable price.
VALERA is a legendary Swiss brand–manufacturer of professional hair care equipment. The absolute leader in the field of hairdressing.
For more than 60 years of successful work, the Bamix ® technique impresses professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts with its capabilities.
Original and exquisite design solutions turn BUGATTI® products into kitchen masterpieces, which fill everyday life with magic, coloring it with bright colors. Our appliances invite you to a fas...
Inspiring and clever products for private households and personal well-being meeting the highest standards: meticulously designed, reliable and accurate.
Swiss made high-quality cookware with diamond nanocomposite coating. The legend in the world of cookware!
Italian brand of aluminum cookware with non-stick coating.
A leading brand, manufacturing high-quality convenient and functional tempered glass containers manufactured in Korea.
Exclusive and elegant cookware designed for lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Combining aesthetic design with practical solutions is the guiding principle behind the creation of Silga cookware.
The collection of G.A.T. coffee makers has more than 60 models of different sizes, design, and volume made of stainless steel and food grade aluminum, as well as different accessories for coffee ma...

For our partners

Premium segment
Our range includes products of an exceptionally high and premium segment.
Country of origin
All products offered by our company are designed and manufactured in leading countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy, South Korea.
Uniqueness of goods
The products we present are unique in terms of technological characteristics and functional properties in daily use.
The entire line of products presented by us is distinguished by affordability for consumers and marginality for our partners.
Environmental Safety
We strive to make the world more comfortable and safe, taking care of health, ecology and the state of the environment, which we will leave to future generations.
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